Are PEBSSA's product's similar to the authentic?

PEBSSA's exhausts follow the technical prescriptions of the automobil industries in the European Union.

How can we be sure that the product we have bought is PEBSSA?

Every authentic exhaust has the company's trade-mark.

What guarantee do PEBSSA's exhausts have?

1 year guarantee

Do the catalysts have a guarantee also?

2 years guarantee or 50.000 km.

How can we contact PEBSSA?

Through telephone or email.

Were can we find the specific exhausts?

Only in an authorized garage for exhausts.

How could the catalyst be damaged?

  • From strong hits at the pavementsw and from sharp shocks.
  • If, by mistake unleaded petrol is used.
  • If the motor is not regulated properly.
  • From normal wear.

We do we choose catalysts produced by PEBSSA?

  • Because they endure hits at the external covering.
  • Because they have channels in the size that privides resistance to the flow of fumes and as a result,minimal loss of the motor's horsepower.